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How to place your advert on Muslim News

Salaam Alaykum, brethren.

Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise on or sponsor the September/October 2018 edition of your exquisite Muslim newspaper, Muslim News, which features, among other interesting issues, the Hijrah 1440AH, the Hajj 2018 voyage and post-Eid-ul-Adha experiences.

Follow the link below to peruse our unbeatable advert rates for our print and online (website) versions.

Deadline/Production Date: Friday, September 7, 2018

Call 08052494597 or email:



Another Opportunity

We are also pleased to inform you that the publisher of Muslim News runs a PR outfit; RawshieldPR Media. We have several years of working relationships with virtually all the top media houses in Nigeria, and we can get your press releases, including Mosque activities or positions on islamic matters published in any media of your choice – depending on your budget. We offer to serve as a mouthpiece for your agency with the media houses. We shall be glad to hear from you if you are interested in this package.




Our Audience

Our primary audience for this edition are Nigerian Muslims and Muslim organisations. The secondary audience will be the general public, especially the lovers of peace among the Christians who equally celebrated Imam Abdullahi Abubakar’s heroic feats.



Rawshield PR Media has what it takes to circulate the newspaper and magazine across major Muslim organisations in Nigeria through modern day delivery channels (including dispatch riders). In addition, we have partnered with some online marketing channels to ease the distribution process. It will also interest you that the CEO of Rawshield PR Media worked as a newspaper agent in Lagos for 4 years. This invaluable experience, we believe, would further
boost the circulation process.

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MUSLIM NEWS, a publication of Rawshield PR Media, is a mouthpiece for underreported
Muslim achievers and events in Nigeria and across the world, which are never given
prominence in the mainstream media.


Our Mission:

To give special media attention and coverage to important people and events in the life of
Muslims that do not gain mainstream media attention, and to change the media narrative of
blaming Islam and Muslims for offences committed in its lofty name.


Editorial Policy:

We shall be fair to all persons, irrespective of their religions and ideologies, as long as that
promotes the image of Islam and unites the Muslims. We shall also uphold the ethical standards of journalism, as allowed by Islamic ethics.


Support Muslim News

Salaam Alaykum ...With your generous financial contributions to MUSLIM NEWS, you are helping to sustain a culture of journalistic integrity that promotes tranquil Islamic values and ensures it remains free and available to all.

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