Monday, 20 May 2019
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10 influential Igbo Muslims from South-East Nigeria

An overwhelming number of netizens, including renowned security expert and author, Ambassador Abayomi Nurain Mumuni, participated in the Muslim News Ramadan Quiz which was conducted yesterday on all our social media handles. As part of the series celebrating the Ndigbo Muslims in the blessed month of Ramadan, we asked for the names of five prominent […]

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Ndigbo Muslims: The Neglected Minority in South-East Nigeria

By Rasheed Abubakar The Muslims in Ibo (or Igbo) land might be in the minority, but we at Muslim News Nigeria use the occasion of this Ramadan to rejoice with them and thank Allah for guiding them to Islam, the pure monotheistic religion of their forefather, Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Historically, the reversions of the Igbos […]

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Femi Abbas debuts ‘Ramadan Guide’ on Muslim News Nigeria

Veteran journalist, Alhaji Femi Abbas has started a daily Ramadan series dubbed ‘Ramadan Guide’ on the Muslim News Nigeria website. For the next one month starting from tomorrow Thursday, May 9, he will be giving concise daily tips to Muslims on how to reap maximum rewards from the Ramadan fast. “Ramadan Guide” is the first […]

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Aremu Gawat: Islamic rulings on missing persons

In the case of Alhaji Aremu Gawat or any individual declared missing for 1, 2, 7 or 10 years, can they be declared dead and a burial conducted for them in absentia, since it’s not certain if they are alive or dead? Muslim News resident scholar, Ustadh Ibn Taofeeq AbdulAzeez said there are certain rulings […]

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7 years after, Ace Broadcaster Gawat still missing

No one knows the whereabouts of the famous broadcaster, Alhaji Aremu AbdurRazaq Gawat. Nobody knows whether he is dead or alive. However, there are different speculations as to what could have happened to him seven years ago. It all started as a rumour which quickly spread like wildfire on that fateful day, July 10, 2012, […]

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A Night at the Raudah, the Garden of Paradise on Earth

I was the last to visit the Raudah in the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Madinah among the 35 pilgrims that went for the April 2018 edition of Family/Kids Umrah with Hajj Mabrur, one of Nigeria‚Äôs leading Hajj and Umrah operators. This was due to my disability, which required someone to accompany me. I had almost […]

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Muslim Media VIPs: Men and women of excellence (1)

Nigerian journalism has come a long way and writing the history of this noble profession will be incomplete without chronicling the sterling contributions of veteran Muslim media practitioners who do not only give their best, but also help nurture young and energetic journalists to become the face of Islam in the Nigerian non-Muslim dominated media. […]

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Nigeria’s Buhari goes for broke as insecurity festers

By Rasheed Abubakar and Abdullahi AbdulGaniy Nigeria is gradually becoming one of the most dangerous countries to live in due to the spate of killings and violent attacks unleashed on defenceless citizens. This is not restricted to Zamfara State where armed bandits – a term coined by the media – have wreaked havoc in the […]

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