Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020
Category: Editorial

Muslim News Editorial: Mawlid Nabiyy; The Balanced Perspective

Before the glorious birth of Muhammad (SAW), the son of Abdullah in Makkah on Monday, 12th Rabiul Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar in the Year of the Elephant, corresponding to August, 570/1 C.E, the Arabian Peninsula (and by extension, the whole world) was in Jahiliyyah (the state of ignorance of Divine Guidance). […]

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Editorial: Nigerian security challenges: The Islamic viewpoint

‘Insecurity has no religion, tribe, family or friend. Anybody could be a victim’ The current security situation in Nigeria is a clear picture of debauchery in our polity. The whooping so-called security votes have become free funds for corruption, to create more insecurity, and thus to get more funds. Insecurity has no religion, tribe, family […]

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JUST IN: The April/May Edition of Muslim News is out!

We are pleased to announce to our esteemed readers and advertisers that another loaded edition of Muslim News, Nigeria’s most authoritative Islamic newspaper, for the months of April/May, 2019 is out. Check out some of the fresh stories that made the cover; 1) Banditry, insurgency, violent crimes: Buhari preaches tolerance, seeks lasting peace – Insecurity […]

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Editorial: Why the Hijrah Holiday?

Some 1,441 years ago, the best man to ever set foot on mother earth, Muhammad the son of Abdullah (peace be upon him), was driven out of Makkah, his city of birth, for calling to the servitude of the One and Only Creator, Allah (SWT) by his tribesmen, the Quraysh. Today, September 1, the over […]

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Muslim News: Accolades as Hijrah Edition Debuts

It is an undisputed fact that the Nigerian media, like their counterparts in the West, have been unfair to Islam and Muslims. Many examples of their bias abound, and many Muslim analysts attributed such principally to their pathological hatred for Muslims and Islam – the only religion growing faster than the world’s population. In the […]

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