Thursday, 18 Jul 2019
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Muslim News Fact-Check: Is the first part of Ramadan mercy, second forgiveness and third safety from hell?

The popular saying among Muslims that the first part of Ramadan is mercy, second is forgiveness and the third is emancipation from hell has no strong jurisprudential backing, Muslim News investigations have revealed. What is however evident, according to authentic narrations, is that all nights and days of Ramadan are of Rahmah (mercy), Maghfirah (forgiveness) […]

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Mordernising Islam… The Western Way

Have you heard of a mosque called “Ibn Rushd-Goethe” in Berlin, Germany where a lady without hijab (Muslims’ headscarf) led the congregation of learned men and women in solaat, the second pillar of Islam? The “mosque” – which I deliberately put in quote to question its sanctity as a Muslim place of worship – was […]

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Innovated practices in the month of Rajab

Rajab is the 7th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is one of the four sacred months mentioned by Allah in the Noble Qur’an 9: 36, where the Almighty says: “Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and […]

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Hijab: What the law says

In contemporary times in Nigeria, Muslims have been at the receiving end of institutional discrimination and this is becoming so alarmingly pronounced, even in other part of the world where western cultural norms hold sway. The way and manner with which Muslims are being treated in the modern society are not appealing to eyes, neither […]

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Nigeria and the needless Hijab “Wahala”

Why should the use of the Hijab be an issue in any sane society? Why should a mere head covering become a hitch factor in Nigeria, a country that has always claimed to have regard for citizens’ fundamental human rights as entrenched in the Constitution? Why should there be wa-ha-la (a Yoruba word for “trouble”) […]

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