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Ramadan Talk: Curb unbridled desires, eat lightly By Haroon-Ishola Balogun

The month of Quran, of taqwa, of prayers, of charity and remembrance of Allah offers another opportunity for physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

The period provides another spiritually exercise that will ultimately liberate us from the addictions, temptations and unbridled desires that sometimes drive our lives.

It is not only about restraining the mouth from food and drink; you have got to restrain the jawarih, the body parts which may render the fast invalid. As a fasting Muslim, avoid, backbiting, slander, lies among others.

Also, restrain the ears from listening to music that will corrupt your minds. This is a period you have to direct all your activities towards Allah.

Remember, fasting is for Allah. And if you obey Allah, He will surely reward you. Rather, engage more in zhikr, (remembrance of Allah) at all times.

During Iftar or sahoor, do not overeat as this may cause some health challenges. Besides, stuffing the stomach of all kinds of heavy food can deprive you of the health benefits of fasting. Try to substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones. Keeping our food and drink intake to moderate and light levels also provides the added benefit of helping us to stay focused in prayers that follow Iftar and Suhoor.

The Prophet said: “It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (1381), Ibn Maajah

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Remember also, if someone abuses you verbally, only say to him, ‘I am fasting.’

A Muslim must avoid the temptation of engaging in bad acts as well as retaliation of any sort. You can only return a bad act with a good deed. An hadith by Bukhari/Muslim says, ‘He who does not desist from acts of obscenity during this period especially, Allah has no need that he did not eat or drink.

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