NASFAT N2.5 billion Islamic centre will accommodate Muslims, non-Muslims – Chief Missioner

The Chief Missioner, Nasril-Lahi-L-Fatih Society, Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Onike, says the organisation’s Islamic centre in Aseese, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, will be accessible to both Muslims and non-Muslims upon its completion.

Onike said the N2.5bn project – which comprises a mosque, library, bookshop, event and training halls and school – would contain all the necessary facilities to enhance worshipping and intellectual activities.

The chief missioner said this on Friday during the media tour of the centre in Aseese, urging members of the public to donate generously to ensure quick completion of the project.

Onike stated, “Mosque in Islam goes beyond where you go to pray. It is a socio-political base for Muslims. It is social because that is where Muslims demonstrate brotherhood. It is a political base because Prophet Mohammed (SAW) received Muslims and non-Muslims in the mosque.

“Anybody is allowed to enter the mosque. The question is what is the person’s intention? In Europe today, there is what is called ‘the mosque tour’ to enable non-Muslims to have close contact with Islam. They interact with Muslims and that engenders good inter-faith relations.

“That is why NASFAT decided to build a mosque that is befitting of Islam and that will serve the pristine service the mosque was rendering in the early part of Islam. This centre will be very conducive to spiritual activities and intellectual work.”

The project’s Lead Consultant, Alhaji Abdul-Afeez Akiyode, stated that the construction of the Islamic centre was in four phases, with the 3,000-capacity mosque being the first phase to be completed by June 2020.

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“The second phase contains two extensions of 2,000 capacities to accommodate more males and females, catering service, dining, health care facility for first aid, toilets, bathrooms, laundry and IT room. A bookshop will also be available for people to buy books and Islamic materials.

“The third and fourth phases will include event and training halls, library, school, recreation centre, car parks, among other facilities. The ultimate desire is that we want to make the mosque not only for prayers, but also a living place. What you can’t get in your neighbourhood, this mosque will provide it for you, including playgrounds for children.”

The Vice Chairman, NASFAT Mosque Development Committee, Alhaji Remi Bello, said the society had committed about N300m to the project so far, adding that 90 per cent of the funds were contributed by the members.

Source: The Punch 

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