Exclusive: Firdaus Amasa condemns ISI Muslim girl attacks, urges National Assembly to legalise Hijab for Schools 

Nigerian Hijab Heroine, Barrister Firdaus Amasa has condemned in strong terms the harassment of female Muslim students by the authorities of the International School, Ibadan (ISI), while calling on the National Assembly to pass a bill legalising the use of Hijab in both public and private schools across the country. 

Barrister Amasa made the call in an exclusive interview with Muslim News, one year after her historic Call to Bar in Hijab by the Body of Benchers (BOB), describing the refusal to allow female Muslim students wear the Hijab at ISI, Ibadan as disheartening.

Speaking with our correspondent on phone, the University of Ilorin-trained lawyer said, “the ISI matter is very disheartening. I have thought about it a lot and I can’t but resort to the help of Allah. The perpetrators seem to have gained more strength since the matter was struck out.

“They keep harassing the innocent girls because they chose to exercise their constitutional rights even outside the school. I don’t know what Mrs. Olowe and her cohorts rely on, but I am sure the best of planners is on our side,” she stated.

Firdaus, who currently works at the National Headquarters of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Abuja, called on the National Assembly to pass a bill legalising the use of the Hijab in all places.

She said, “A bill should be sponsored legalising the use of the Hijab everywhere in the country, amidst other matters concerning Muslims.”

When asked if her sacrifice and victory is meaningful and successful if Muslim women and girls are still denied their rights to the Hijab, the 2018 Muslim News Nigerian Female Personality of the Year said: “Sadly, I can’t answer in the affirmative. May be more sacrifice must be made”.

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With regards to her wellbeing after the Call to Bar, the legal practitioner noted; “I am trying to ensure my today is better than yesterday. I strive to increase in knowledge and practice of my religion. There are challenges, but they are not unsurmountable.”

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