Hajj2019: Exhaustion, dehydration common problems facing pilgrims – Dr Busari 

Earlier on Saturday at the Islamic Center University of Lagos, Hajj Mabrur Ventures Limited (HMVL) in collaboration with the TSH Medical Centre carried out a thorough medical check on its intending pilgrims, numbering about 350. 

The screening, which included clinical and laboratory checks cut across pulse rate, blood pressure, height, weight, consultations, blood sampling, genotype, hemoglobin level, sugar level, PCV, pregnancy test, and vaccinations, among others.

Speaking to Muslim News, the Medical Director, TSH Medical Centre, Dr AbdulWasiu Busari explained that the screening would aid the operations of the venture during the Hajj exercise.

He said the most likely challenge to be faced by pilgrims during the Hajj exercise are exhaustion, dehydration, medical complications and cough, adding that, “eight members of our team of medical personnel, among whom are doctors and pharmacists, will be detailed to attend to Hajj Mabrur pilgrims.”

According to Dr Busari, exhaustion is one of the most prevalent. Exhaustion occurs as a result of the rigorous nature of the Hajj activities and because many pilgrims feel they must maximise all the rituals.

“Most times, you see pilgrims attempting to do more than their capacities. Some pilgrims have determined that they want to do 41 Tawaaf (circumbulation) for one day and they will always try to do that. By the second day, they are totally exhausted.

“Dehydration is also one of the most common health challenges. The weather is very hot in Saudi Arabia and because of that, pilgrims get dehydrated. If they don’t carry water with them, that would cause a lot of problems.

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“Also, patients who have had some medical conditions before may have complications. If they have hypertension, diabetes, asthma and because of the crowd, there can be a lot of infections. Cough is also a common problem.

“But because of the vaccinations that we have already given to them, many of our pilgrims go hitch free without having some of these challenges. Notwithstanding, education must be continuous and giving information must occur from time to time. However, we are adequately prepared to take care of whatever challenges that may arise,” he assured.

The last phase of the seminar for pilgrims who came to Lagos from different parts of the country except Abuja will be held on Sunday, July 21 at the Islamic Centre Hall, University of Lagos.

Similarly, a one-day medical seminar will be held for intending pilgrims in Abuja on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at Stonehedge Hotel, Central Business District, FCT, Abuja. Medical screening starts 9:00am and the seminar proper commences by 10: 15am.

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