Muslim News mourns the passing of Mudathir Sanuth, Publisher of Deen Digest 

Muslim News, Nigeria’s most authoritative Islamic newspaper joins the entire Muslim Community to mourn the passing of Mallam Mudathir Olaniyi Sanuth, the Publisher of Naseehah and Legacy, hitherto known as Deen Digest.

Fondly called Bro Niyi by brethren close to him during his sojourn in life, the CEO of Deen Communications Limited which debuted in 1998 reportedly died in faraway India.

Some of his publications

Family source said the late Islamic scholar would be buried tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5, in India where he died in strict compliance with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

A statement signed by the Publisher of Muslim News, Rasheed Abubakar, notes that we received with great shock, the death of our brother, Mudathir Sanuth.

He would be remembered for his contribution in spreading Islamic knowledge through Deen Comminications, the Publisher of Naseehah and Legacy, initally titled as Deen Digest.

“O Allah, forgive and have mercy upon Bro Mudathir, pardon him, and make honourable his reception. Expand his entry, and cleanse him with water, snow, and ice, and purify him of his sins as a white robe is purified of filth.

“O Allah, exchange his home for a better home, and his family for a better family, and his spouse for a better spouse. Admit him into the Garden of Paradise , protect him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the Fire”.

Allahuma ameen.

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18 thoughts on “Muslim News mourns the passing of Mudathir Sanuth, Publisher of Deen Digest 

    1. Deen Digest was one of the magazines I read and it broaden my understanding of the religion as a kid. May Allah Grant him Aljanatul firdaus. Aamin

  1. We take solace in the promise of The Almighty; …”every soul shall have a taste of death and we are going to test you from that which you love”…… now the test has come for the family and us all, we are in the need of His absolute comfort☹.

    May He grant bro. NS the loftiest of abode and lighten the grave he’s to be lowered to today and make it a Shelter of bliss and a place for the angels of peace to watch. May He make his meeting with his family easy and possible on the day nothing matters except His Rahman and Mercy, ameen.

    ….Death is enough an admonition cos it’s a destroyer of pleasure…..

    1. May Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Aljannah Fridaous.
      May the family and the entire Ummah be comforted.

  2. May Allah Grant him jannatu firdaus. He has really contributed to the Muslim community. I benefited from his books from secondary School.

    It a great loose indeed but we take solace in Allah’s word”كل نفس ذاإقت الموت”.

    May Allah Grant his family strength.

  3. Indeed, Every soul shall taste death. The most important thing is how we live our lives. My daily question is what are we doing to earn Paradise?
    May Allah forgive the dead ones and grant them Aljannatul firdaus.

  4. My prayer is for that which is unknown(Secret good deeds) to us be more than those we all know. May Allah overlook his shortcomings & unite us all in Jannatu firdaos.

  5. May Allah grant our late brother, eternal rest, forgive him of his misdeeds and reward him with Aljanah Fridous. Be with and protect his family. May He also make it easy for his survivers in the management of his publications, to the publications to greater heights.

    In deed his death is a colossus loss to Islam in Nigeria and far.

    Asiwaju Abdulbaqee A. Yemisi-Coker
    AL-ISLAM Newsmagazine

  6. The Nigerian muslim community is shaken by this one exit.
    No words to describe him, he was just great!! May Allah accept all his deeds as an act if his Ibadah and forgive all his shortcomings. He touched too many people and remained ever humble, he was the firstbtonmKe the elites appreciate Islam deeply through journalism. May Allah reward him and stand by his family. Amin

  7. May Allah forgive him and grant him jannatul firdaus…Deen digest the magazine impacted positively in many aspects of my life from general ilm to aqeeda an so on… I was even considering becoming a distributor then.. It was a useful and impact full magazine.. May Allah reward his efforts ameen.

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