Monday, 19 Aug 2019

Saudi-Yemen war: Houthi missile hits Saudi airport, scores injured

A Houthi cruise missile fell on the arrivals hall of Saudi Arabia’s Abha International Airport, injuring 26 civilians, the Arab Coalition said on Wednesday, State media, Al Arabiyya English reports.

Eight of those wounded at Abha airport were admitted to hospital, coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki said in a statement. He stated that the injured are of different nationalities, among them three women who are Yemeni, Saudi and Indian, and two Saudi children.

The arrivals hall also sustained damages.

Al-Malki said that security forces are working to determine the type of projectile used in the terrorist attack. He stated that the attack is a war crime, and “proves that the Houthis have obtained advanced weapons from Iran”.

Saudi-led coalition says 26 wounded in Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport (Image: GETTY)

Earlier on Wednesday, Houthi-run Masirah TV reported that the militias targeted the airport with a cruise missile.

Al-Malki said that the militias claiming full responsibility for this terrorist act constitutes “a clear and full recognition of the responsibility of targeting civilian and civilian objects that are subject to special protection under international humanitarian law”.

Al Malki concluded by saying that coalition forces will take urgent and timely measures to deter the militias from carrying out further attacks.

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