Conflicts in Nikaah: Between Deceptive Marriage and Rape Allegations

Unlike the Busola Dakolo/Pastor Fatoyinbo saga, the trending rape allegation against an Alfa (name withheld) in Osun State as reported by a reliable online media in Nigeria is controversial, complex and at the same time, shameful.

First of all, no sane person, irrespective of his religious belief, should justify rape, but from what we have read so far from the culprit, victim and concerned sources, we can say it is a case of secret Aqdu Nikaah gone wrong.

In recent times, secret Nikaah, otherwise known as “Robbery Aqdu” has been gaining ground in many parts of Northern and Southern Nigeria, and those who champion it belong to some factions of the Salafiyyah sect. Indeed, their desperate desires for sex, in most cases, led them to lure or forcefully have carnal knowledge of their so-called “brides”.

This expose should serve as a golden opportunity for the Nigerian Muslim community to address this dangerous trend and save innocent girls from being brainwashed into “Robbery Aqdu Nikaah”.

The mind boggling questions are; What exactly is secret Aqdu Nikaah? Does it have any correlation with Nikaahu Shigaar, getting married to a lady against her will; or Nikaahul Mut’ah, temporary marriage? What are the conditions of a valid Aqdu Nikaah?

What is the essence of the Waliyy’s consent? Why MUST Nikaah/Aqdu be publicised? What does Islam say about marrying an under-18 year old? What are the etiquettes of relationships between a male teacher and his female students? These among others will be the explained in our subsequent report, which will be supervised by Muslim News’ resident scholar, Ustadh Ibn Taofeeq Abdulazeez. Watch out…

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts in Nikaah: Between Deceptive Marriage and Rape Allegations

  1. Publication of whatever news that comes from the story should be treated as correcting the anomaly in the Muslim circle, and not with a view to seizing the opportunity of gloating a certain faction that an aged religious squabble had ensued between you duo.

  2. U will surely hold responsibility for this stain you are putting on salafyyah as a hole and the innocent sheikh in front of the Allah almighty

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