Thursday, 18 Jul 2019

Hajj 2019: Saudi Arabia to host 1000 families of Palestinian martyrs

JEDDAH: King Salman has ordered Saudi Arabia to host 1,000 Palestinian pilgrims from the families of martyrs to perform Hajj next month.

The pilgrims will be part of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Guests Program for Hajj and Umrah.

The Saudi minister of Islamic affairs, dawah and guidance, Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Asheikh expressed his appreciation for King Salman’s “generous gesture towards the Palestinian state and its brotherly people,” the Saudi Press Agency reported Sunday.


Al-Asheikh said the ministry would work swiftly on executing the king’s order by following up on the pilgrims’ traveling process through its embassies in Egypt and Jordan.

The ministry would also finalize all procedures needed for their travel to the kingdom on private flights, and offer services to help them perform the duty of Hajj.


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