Eid-ul-Adha: Rawshield PR Media thanks Muslim News readers, remembers oppressed Muslims

‘May Allah unite the disunited and fragmented Muslim world’

Rawshield PR Media, publishers of Muslim News, Nigeria’s most authoritative Islamic newspaper has sent Eid-ul-Adha greetings to its readers and numerous fans across the globe, while thanking them for trusting the medium as a reliable platform for news about Islam and Muslims.

In his Eid message, the CEO of the PR agency, who also doubles as the publisher of the newspaper, Mr Rasheed Abubakar also prayed for the oppressed Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Rohingya, Kashmir and of recent, the Uighurs who are being incarcerated by the Chinese government.

“I rejoice with all Muslims in Nigeria and around the world on the occasion of this Eid-el-Adha”, he said, praying that, “May Allah in His infinite mercy, in the spirit of this Eid, unite the disunited and fragmented Muslim world and save our dear country, Nigeria from disintegration.

“More importantly, my prayers go to the oppressed Muslims of Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Rohingya, Uighurs, Kashmir, and all other places where Muslims are being severely persecuted.

“Don’t lose hope, dear brethren. Allah’s victory is near. I also commiserate with all victims of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters all over the globe. May Allah alleviate their pains and restore their losses (Amin),” he added.

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