Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

Commending the Irate IPOB: THE “Scalarness” of our Thoughts By Yussuf Ayo

So, some embittered and misguided Nigerian thugs beat up a Nigerian senator in Germany, and most Nigerians feel happy and justified about it. Commending and saluting the devil for a job well done.

Honestly, it’s very hard not to feel so, especially considering the man in question whose name reminds one of the “Mario” who has been in the Upper Chamber since 2003 and was the Deputy Senate President for eight years with nothing significant to show for his constituency. Adding this to the general growing anger in town, manifesting the prophecy of the proverbial hungry man, one might have no second thoughts in applauding the irate IPOB members for their action.

Perhaps, this has been the silent wishes of many, the lamentation has always been the same “things are hard, people are dying, no jobs, no money, …”, therefore, an average Nigerian, given the same opportunity would do more than “beating” to any public office holder whose record smells of corruption.

However justified we feel, things must be put in their right perspective. Our problem for long is that we jump at just anything that appears as a solution without a thorough analysis.

My address to the Muslims, first:

“O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” Al-Ma’idah, 5:8

As much as we may detest the other person for whatever reason, this should not becloud our sense of justice.

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Back to Nigerians, our case is almost always the same. We embrace just anything, opportunity, or anyone that appears to be a solution without a second thought. This was evident in the case of Sowore and the malarkey of his “revolution now”. Most people who sycophantically supported his idea do so only based on their emotional assessment of the state of the Nation or their life-long hatred of the Buhari-led administration, not that they understood or are prepared for or are any deep-down logically in support of a revolution. They only wanted a solution at all cost to their “hardship” as Nigerians or their “wailing instincts” of the Federal Government, and so, just anything available is a solution.

The shenanigans of Ekweremadu and his attack in Germany are disjointed. His crime of whatever at the chamber is our problem as Nigerians, different from that which he’s been beaten. The report shows that the Indigenous People of Biafra beat up the Igbo man for not supporting their idea of cessation, and are hellbent on doing the same to everyone against their agenda. The official statement reads:

β€œIn keeping with the long-standing directive from our leader to hound all instigators of Operation Python Dance, IPOB is glad to report that Ike Ekweremadu was confronted and duly hounded out of a so-called New Yam Festival event in Germany.”

For those still commending this act like “Olohun mu” because the victim seems to be unlisted in their good book, remember, IPOB isn’t fighting your fight, and their next victim might be your man. It would be unfair to condemn them then if all you could is to commend them now.

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In all senses, forget who the victim is, the action is condemnable, it’s a national and international shame, it’s evil, it’s unacceptable, and should be denounced by any Nigerian whose sense is intact. Our indignation with our public office holders is one thing, some miscreants and malevolent revanchists molesting and assaulting Nigerians abroad is another, of which the solution of one does not in any way lead to the other.

So ironical is that we accuse our lawmakers of this same “silent approval of evil” and conspiracy of silence” we are currently guilty of when we are the victims.

In all, our contempt for anyone should not becloud our sense of justice.

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