Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

Monday Motivation: The Mileage to Salvage by Bushrah Olagunju-Matemilola

If your fear is to fall, then your fail is near. The sojourn of man is laced with highs and lows and none of these comes easy in the pursuit of success. As much as I say; put the end in mind when you begin the race, I also say never be deterred by the miles you have to cover to save the situation.

There are times when you feel discouraged by the process of success, or you feel weakened by the stages to a breakthrough. Remember, that the ultimate goal is greater than the hurdles. Tell yourself you can make it and begin the journey with optimism.

Let go all the fears and keep wiping off the sweats. They are mere attractive distractions and they won’t get you there.

For every mile you have to cover, there is always a lesson learnt. For every time you stumble and roll over, you may have a cut but it will make you a better lot. For every hurdle that comes your way, it’s just an added beauty to your hustle.

If there is a plan you’ve always had, now is the time to execute it. If there’s an idea that’s eating you up, now is the time to discuss it. If there is a feat you’ve always admired, now is the time to achieve it. What you save is more than what you lose, once you don’t allow the rough edges of life put you down.

Keep on moving! Survivors don’t only survive, they rewrite history in their own way!

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Have a lovely week ahead, from Muslim News Nigeria

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