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Security: Self Defence is allowed in Islam – Imam of Lekki

Bandits, armed robbers, terrorists rapists and kidnappers deserve stiff punishment’ 

The Chief Imam of Lekki Central Mosque, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu has said, defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm is an act strongly encouraged by Islam.

He made the assertion while addressing guests and participants on the topic; ‘Security Tips from the Qur’an and Sunnah’ at the Quarterly Da’wah Workshop organised by the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) at the Lekki Central Mosque Complex, Lekki.

Buttressing his points with copious references from the Noble Qur’an (2: 190, 43: 39-43) and the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Shiekh Jamiu said whoever is killed while defending his property, family or faith is considered a martyr.

The Imam who stressed the importance and sanctity of life of human beings, called for stiffer penalties for perpetrators of banditry, armed robbery, rape, terrorism, and kidnapping.

Cheif Imam of Lekki, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu

He said life is meaningless without security of faith, intellect, property and family, adding that Shari’ah, the Islamic law, has the protection of the five as its objective.

“That is the pathway to realise our goal in life which is encapsulated in the Du’a ‘Rabbanaa ātinaa fid-duniya hasanatan wa fil-ākhirati hasanatan waqina adhāban nār.”

He noted that both mundane and spiritual goals would not be achieved in a state of insecurity.

According to him, Allah called the attention of the people of Quraysh (in Makkah during the time of Prophet Muhammad, SAW) to reflect on the special grace of Allah they enjoy having secured their land when others were plagued with insecurity.

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L-R: DCP Olatunji Disu, General Ibn Umar Aduka (retd) and Sheikh Ridwan Lekki

“Islamic symbol is SALAAM: ‘peace’, which implies security. Our greeting is Salaam. Jannah, our focus, is called Home of Peace,” he added.

Sheikh Jamiu said, “Self defense is allowed for security of lives and properties. Allah spoke on it in Qur’an 2 v 190 and also Qur’an 43 v 39 – 43 where Allah encouraged fighting in his cause against those who fight us, but do not commit aggression for Allah does not love the aggressors.

“The prophet was reported to have said “Whoever is killed while defending his property dies as a martyr, whoever is killed while defending his family dies as a martyr, whoever is killed while defending his faith dies as a martyr.”

On what should be the fate of perpetrators of banditry, kidnapping and other societal menace, he said “According to Imam al-Tabari, Ibn al-Arabi and the Religious Council of Egypt, rape is treated like highway robbery (Hirābah). Rape is more serious than taking of property forcefully.

Cross-section of participants

“So, stiff punishment should be passed on them by the constituted and recognised authority in the society and not just anyhow individuals.”

On some security tips derived from the Qur’an, the scholar mentioned “taking precaution, Tarbiya (effective and comprehensive education and re-orientation), promotion of Islamic social security tools [welfare] where in it, you will never go hungry [feeding], nor be naked [clothing]. Nor will you be thirsty [water supply] in it, nor will you swelter [housing].

“Preservation of family values, Justice: Social, Economic and Legal (implementation of Shari’ah), Responsible Leadership, Robust defence system, Prohibition of intoxicants and hard drugs, Collective fight against corruption amongst others,” he added.

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