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Lekki Muslim Ummah holds workshop on Security, encourages govt to adopt Novel Strategies

The Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) over the weekend organised its widely publicised  quarterly Da’wah Workshop where it encouraged government at all levels to adopt new strategies in combating the prevailing security situation ravaging the country.

The Ummah also decried the spate of the horrendous savagery of the Boko Haram menace, kidnapping, ‘one chance’ robbery, cultism, rape, armed robbery and cruelty of organ harvesters which have contributed to insecurity in our polity.

This was the thrust of the Welcome Speech of the President of Lekki Muslim Ummah, Dr. Kamoru Omotosho at the Quarterly Da’wah Workshop held at Vice Admiral Jubrila Ayinla Multipurpose hall, Lekki Central Mosque Complex in Lagos.

In his words, “I welcome you all to yet another edition of our Quarterly Da’wah Workshop.

“Today’s workshop promises to be as exciting as ever. We are addressing the seemingly intractable insecurity bedeviling our nation. We chose the theme “Dealing with the Insecurity in the Nation” with a view to prodding the government to intensify efforts and adopt new strategies in combating the unabated insecurity pervading the entire country.

Cross-section of participants

“From the horrendous savagery of Boko Haram to the menace of kidnapping, ‘one chance’, cultism, rape, armed robbery and cruelty of organ harvesters, no place is safe across the country any longer. Nigerians apparently live in fear. The situation is so bad that some of us cannot venture travelling to our villages for fear of being waylaid by criminals.”

According to him, “So far, the nation’s security agencies do not seem to be winning the war against criminality in the land, despite the huge amount being committed to the cause by the government annually. So what is the way out?.

“It is my hope that the seasoned security experts billed to speak here today would proffer efficacious solutions to the nation’s hydra-headed security problems. Being retired senior military and police officers, they have the audacity to say it as it is.”

Dr. Omotosho further sought the support of the participants in the various Da’wah projects of the Ummah.

According to him, “Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, permit me to also seize this opportunity to implore you eminent people here seated, to aid Allah’s cause by donating generously towards the various Da’wah Projects of LEMU. We are currently building a N160 million Hostel for our Qur’an Memorisation College.

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L – R President of the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Dr. Kamoru Omotosho, Deputy Inspector General of Police (rtd.) and member LEMU Board of Trustees, Alhaji ‘Waheed Kassim and former president of LEMU and member BOT, Engr. Yunus Adeniji Raji, at LEMU’s Quarterly Da’wah Workshop.

“I urge you to support us with your donations in cash or in kind so that these projects can be accomplished in good time. Kindly issue a cheque in favour of Lekki Muslim Ummah or transfer the amount you wish to donate into our account stated in the programme of events in your hands”, he concluded.

FG should go after Sponsors of terrorism – Gen Adeka

A retired military officer and former Special Adviser on Security to the Nasarawa State Government, Brigadier General Muhammad Ibn Umar Adeka (rtd) said that if terrorism in Nigeria must be seen to an end, the Federal Government must go after its Sponsors and bring them to justice  for several heinous crimes committed against humanity.

Gen. Adeka, who spoke on the topic; ‘Keeping the country safe from terrorism and banditry: issues and problem’, noted that if the Sponsors of terrorism are made to face the music, terrorists will run out of financial support to procure weapons and vehicles among other logistics.

According to him, There is a principle of war called interdiction. When you are fighting an enemy, you prevent the enemy from getting any form of support.

L-R: DCP Olatunji Disu, General Ibn Umar Aduka (retd) and Sheikh Ridwan Lekki

“Now, assuming you are seated here as the leader of this family. Then, a hoodlum or terrorist comes out with a rifle and you killed him, two more come out with two rifles, you killed them also, then, four come out with four rifles and you killed them. What will be your concern? Who is giving them the rifles?

“This is because you know these misguided youths don’t have money to buy rifles. They don’t know where it is bought. So, to stop this attack, you have to find out those sponsoring them with either the funds to buy the weapons or the gun dealers themselves. Those are the active sponsors of terrorism. They decide the target to be attacked.

“And the principle of terrorism is that you must separate the fish from water before you can catch it. If terrorists mix up with the populace, it will be hard to find them. So, you must separate the terrorists from the people. Also, the sponsors must be identified and blocked from providing arms and funding,” he said. READ MORE ABOUT GEN ADEKA’S LECTURE HERE.

The citizens have role to play in ending terrorism, banditry – Police Boss

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The second Speaker, former Commissioner of Police and Special Adviser on Security to the Oyo State government, Mr Fatai Owoseni commended the Lekki Muslim community for setting up a talk on security, saying it was a great initiative considering the period of the year it was organised.

Cross-section of female participants

According to him, “I have to thank them for this great initiative, especially at this particular period of the year, to choose a topic on security of this nature. They are not only concerned about Lagos State, they are concerned about Nigeria in general. This is a call to security consciousness for everybody.

Ably represented by  a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Olatunji Idrisu Disu, Mr Owoseni said, Now, we are in the period of the Yuletide. People who never worked all through the year, would want to enjoy. And there is no other way to go about it than to attack and steal from people who have worked so hard throughout the year just to get money to enjoy during this period.

L-R: Owoseni and Disu

“I call on all Nigerians to be vigilant. If they are traveling, their cars must be serviced, they should ensure they have good tyres, use their seatbelts, and be conscious of their environment. That’s my advice to the public,” he said.

Speaking on the topic, “Curtailing the menace of kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism and other vices in Nigeria”, the Police boss noted that both the government and citizens must give their best in curbing the menace of kidnapping in the society.

L – R Publicity Secretary of the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Alhaji AbdulFattah Olajide, LEMU General Secretary, Alhaji Suleman Raji and Major General Hamza Agbabiaka (rtd.), at LEMU’s Quarterly Da’wah Workshop.

DCP Disu, who is also the Commander of Rapid Response Unit, Lagos Command, added that cases of kidnapping recorded in Lagos compared to other states of the federation are on the decrease given the efforts of the Lagos State Police Command.

In his words, “It is important that we all put an end to insecurity. It shouldn’t be left to the government alone. Everyday, you keep hearing about kidnapping in the media, that is not true about Lagos State. You could be hearing about it because you are tuned federally. In Lagos, kidnapping does not happen every time. It happens occasionally. And every time, we either rescue the victims or  arrest the suspects also.

“Recently, a youth corp member was kidnapped, and within a few days, the corp member was rescued. Two kidnappers were shot. One died immediately while the other died at the hospital. The wonderful effort by the Command of Lagos State is putting a stop to this ugly issue of kidnapping.

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Cross-section of Male participants

“So, in Lagos State, if they come, Lagos State Police Command is ready for them. We are going to rescue the victims and those who took part in the kidnapping would be arrested. With all the technology at our disposal, we are sure of unravelling any kind of kidnapping that takes place in Lagos,” he added.  READ MORE ABOUT OWOSENI’S PRESENTATION HERE

Self defence is allowed in Islam – Imam of Lekki 

The Chief Imam of Lekki Central Mosque, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu said defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm is an act strongly encouraged by Islam.

L – R Former Amirah of the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU), Alhaja Jibike Oyeleke, Alhaja Kudirat Saliu and Alhaja Agbabiaka , at LEMU’s Quarterly Da’wah Workshop.

Buttressing his points with copious references from the Noble Qur’an (2: 190, 43: 39-43) and the  hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Shiekh Jamiu said whoever is killed while defending his property, family or faith is considered a  martyr.

The Imam who stressed the importance and sanctity of life of human beings, called for stiffer penalties for perpetrators of banditry, armed robbery, rape, terrorism, and kidnapping.

He said life is meaningless without security of faith, intellect, property and family, adding that Shari’ah, the Islamic law, has the protection of the five as its objective.

“That is the pathway to realise our goal in life which is encapsulated in the Du’a ‘Rabbanaa ātinaa fid-duniya hasanatan wa fil-ākhirati hasanatan waqina adhāban nār”.

He noted that both mundane and spiritual goals would not be achieved in a state of insecurity.

Cheif Imam of Lekki, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu

According to him, Allah called the  attention of the people of Quraysh (in Makkah during the time of Prophet  Muhammad, SAW) to reflect on the special grace of Allah they enjoy having secured their land when others were plagued with insecurity. Read more about Imam Lekki’s lecture HERE.

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