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Prof. Lakin Akintola: The ‘Lion of Islam’ is 4th on the list of the Top 5 Nigerian Muslim Personalities of the Year 2019 

Ishaq Lakin Akintola, a Professor of Islamic Eschatology at the Lagos State University is one of the forerunners of Islamic activism in Nigeria. Consistently and unsparingly, he frowns at anti-Islamic policies, laws, practices and initiatives in Nigeria. He is a staunch defender of the Muslim underdogs and the voice of thousands of voiceless Muslims.

No. 4: Prof Lakin Akintola

In spite of abuses and tantrums hurled at him by irreverent critics, Prof. Akintola along with his team remain unwavering, as he continues to wax stronger in his peaceful activism, propagation and advocacy through the mechanism of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) which he initiated.

Coincidentally, at the time of writing this report (Wednesday, January 15), he acknowledged that copies of a new petition written to the 9th Senate on the need to allow Hijab in the army, police and paramilitary agencies have again flooded the social media; this is coming just few weeks after he led the awareness advocacy on this same topic in the media.

The Director of Rights Concerns (MURIC) Professor Lakin Akintola led his members and some Muslims to Iba Housing Estate Senior High School, Lagos, where WAEC officials ordered female Muslim students to remove their hijab before they could be captured for registration process. The students were later captured following prompt intervention from MURIC. Muslim News findings however revealed that the regulation of the examination body doesn’t prohibit the students from taking photographs with their hijab on. Many students in other schools take photograph with hijab of course, since they attend classes with hijab, they will write the exams with hijab

Professor Akintola’s name is synonymous with Islamic advocacy. He is a torn in the flesh of the oppressors, violators of human rights, religious jingoists and extremists, as well as tribal irredentists. He follows keenly, cases relating to the victimisation of female Muslims for donning the Hijab. From Amasa Firdaus to the ISI school girls, WASSCE candidates to the harassed NYSC lady, the University don is always available for the activism.

Professor Akintola never gives Islamophobes a breathing space whenever they serve the public with untruths, needless odium and misplaced criticisms of Islam and Muslims. He comes out almost immediately to put the records straight with his informed press releases. This medium specifically notes his timely intervention and reaction to its exclusive story on how LASTMA officials violated the religious rights of Muslim cadets. Professor Lakin’s MURIC was the first Islamic organisation and one of the few to condemn the act and call out the Lagos State Government on the development. This is very responsible and challenging.

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The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has on several occasions accused Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, of persecuting Muslim students in the institution. According to the Islamic human rights group, the private tertiary institution is “serially violating the fundamental human rights of Muslim students in the institution.”

Our award winner is so chosen for being a strong pillar in Islamic activism, for his tireless strides in the Hijab advocacy in Nigeria, and for repeatedly protecting the image of Islam whenever evil-doers attempt to dent it.

Brethren in the deen and the esteemed readers across the globe, it is our pleasure to present to you, Prof Ishaq Lakin Akintola – the Lion of the Deen (as recently decorated by an Islamic organisation) who occupies the 4th position in the list of the top 5 Muslim Personalities of the Year 2019.

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