Be warned! Sales of branded Qur’an is Haraam – Saudi guide 

Abderahman Hammouche, the English guide at the Exhibition Centre for the Qur’an, Madinah City, Saudi Arabia…

On World Hijab Day, Muslim groups unite for Firdaus Amasa, others 

The victimisation and denial of the Call to Bar to Miss Firdaus Amasa, a Nigerian law…

Nigeria and the needless Hijab “Wahala”

Why should the use of the Hijab be an issue in any sane society? Why should…

How two powerful African leaders became common men in Makkah during Hajj

-By Rasheed Abubakar /Twitter @rawshield123, with Agency Report They are among the most influential leaders in…

How Nigerian Muslims Home and Abroad Celebrated 2018 Eid-ul-Adha

The glitz and glamour of the 1439 AH Eid-ul-Adha may have come and gone, but for…

“This is Nigeria”, the Challenge of Social Harmony and Toothless Regulators By Rasheed Abubakar 

Mixed reactions have trailed the new song, “This is Nigeria” of Folarin Falana (Falz the Badh…

Dhul-Qadah/Dhul-Hijjah (July/August, 2018) Print Version

Introduction It is evident that the Firdaus Amasa Hijab/Law School victory did not get mainstream media…

The Battle For The Hijab In the Nigerian Law School

It all started on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, a day of joy for Miss Firdaus Amasa,…

How Firdaus Amasa Broke the Hijab/Call to Bar Jinx

Tuesday, July 21, 2018 will forever remain historic for the millions of Nigerian Muslims who witnessed…

Media Reportage of Firdaus Amasa’s Hijab Victory; Knocks and Praises

Surprisingly, the Firdaus (also spelt as Firdausa) Amasa Al-Jannah Hijab victory, which was received with joy…


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