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Every child is born a Muslim – Journalist

Every child is born naturally as a Muslim and it is the parent(s) who eventually makes him or her practice Islam, Christian, idolatry, or other religions.

This was the submission of a renowned journalist and publisher of Muslim News, Mallam Rasheed Abubakar at the Muslim Students Society (MSS) Day of Ijesatedo Secondary School, Sanya, Lagos, recently.

The program, themed: “The Mission of MSSN in Secondary Schools”, had in attendance representatives of many secondary schools and Executive Council members of the host Itire-Ikate Area Council.

Abubakar said the Fitrah (natural state) of every child is Islam and a child will remain in his or her natural state (Islam) if the parents are Muslims. However, if the parents are Christians or idol worshipers, such a child may consequently practise the religion of his or her parents.

Abubakar (in face cap) during the lecture…

Abubakar, who is the author of “Hijab and the Nigerian Press”, however said there are instances where a child raised in a Christian home ends up embracing Islam in the latter days of his or her life.

“It is wrong to say such a child changed his faith. Instead, he returned to his default faith, which is the Fitrah (Islam) he was born with.

“There are also cases of other children who, despite receiving Islamic training from home, found succour in other religions. That shows it is Allah that guides whomsoever He wills”, he stated.

Speaking on the mission of MSSN in schools, the Daily Independent newspaper columnist said: “If not for Allah through MSSN, many practising Muslim doctors, lawyers and journalists would today have become nuisances to the society.

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“Many would have become thieves, area boys, prostitutes and so on, but through the guidance of Allah, they met this great organisation; some in secondary schools and others during their University days. As a result, they became change agents and Allah’s vicegerents on Earth.

“Some of us didn’t pray Salat because our parents didn’t consider it necessary. Some mothers don’t wear the Hijab, which is the reason their female children don’t wear it, not to talk of wearing same on school uniforms. But when such children came in contact with MSSN, they started observing Salat and began to wear the Hijab.”

Recalling how the society came into existence in 1954, Mallam Abubakar said today’s MSSN was an idea conceived by Alhaji Tajudeen Adisa Aromashodun and two of his classmates, who were then students of Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos, to bring into closer union the Muslim students of different educational institutions.

“Apart from encouraging the studies of the Holy Qur’an and Arabic, the society is meant to promote the social, moral, religious and intellectual standards of Muslim students from secondary schools to higher institutions across the country”, Abubakar said.

He said the organisation was founded in 1954 and had as its first president, the late Dr Lateef Adegbite (SAN), who was then a student of King’s College and one of the best in literary and debating activities in Lagos State.

He added that the spread of MSSN moved to Abeokuta, from there to Ibadan, Ilesha, Ede and other states of the federation, with branches at local governments (Area Councils) and higher institutions.

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The Amir (President) of MSSN, Itire-Ikate Area Council, Mallam Hamed Sulaimon encouraged the students to be focused on their dreams like the founding fathers of MSSN, and be good ambassadors of Islam wherever they find themselves.

The event also featured a drama presentation and a Qur’an competition, with students of Sanya Senior Secondary School, Aguda Community Senior Secondary School and Itire Community Senior Secondary coming first, second and third position respectively in the Qur’an Competition.

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